Although reluctantly, we have to admit it: Turkey is not a safe country to travel. The biggest hazard is that you may never want to leave. Read all about the dangers ahead!

Risk of an overdose of turquoise

With a coastline that spans more than 8,000 kilometers (approximately 5,000 miles), there is an increased risk of ending up at the beach. And those beaches are pristine! And the water is blue. Or worse…, turquoise. Turkey has beaches in all colors of blue. Colors that seem to change every day, depending on the weather, but always blue. So, if you’re not a big fan of blue – and in particular turquoise – stay away from Turkish beaches. You will be annoyed with the crystal clear water and the paradise beaches. In fact, there are so many beaches; you will be spoiled for choice. Another risk here…, the stress of decision making! You can’t possibly try them all. 🙂


Risk of being immersed in history and culture

Turkey is not all about turquoise beaches and pristine bays. The country has a rich history and plenty of ancient sites to show for that. There are ‘ancient stones’ everywhere. Of course, a city like Istanbul is a cultural hub. And sites like Ephesus, Pamukkale, Mount Nemrut or Troy are world famous. The country has 16 sites inscribed on the World Heritage List! But you don’t have to visit those sites to be surrounded by history. It is simply everywhere. The smallest villages have ancient Lycian graves, rock tombs or remains of entire cities or civilizations. You will always be surprised at the amount of history that is just waiting for you to discover it. When in fear of having to deal with the beauty of history or culture when on holiday, you might want to reconsider visiting Turkey!


Risk of gaining weight

Beware! Turkish food is delicious! And there is food everywhere. Really… Even when you think you’ve just found the most remote and isolated spot in Turkey, someone will be offering you food or tea. And the problem is, this doesn’t just happen to you once. It happens every day. You will spend an entire trip surrounded by food stalls selling delicious (and healthy) street food. You will have to resist countless seaside restaurants serving fresh fish and meze. You will have to refuse complementary fruit dishes after your meal or even when enjoying a drink or cocktail on the beach. Oh, and please DO NOT have a Turkish breakfast! It feels like dying and going to heaven. A traditional Turkish breakfast (köy kahvaltısı) is a feast! It is a table full of food, most of the times organic and it will take hours of whiling away the day enjoying those yummies. In short, the dangers of people serving you the tastiest meals are genuine. If you plan on starving yourself, don’t come to Turkey.

Turkish breakfast

Risk of making Turkish friends (for life)

If you are the “I do not want to meet any local” kind of person, then you’re in trouble when visiting Turkey. Locals LOVE foreigners. They will go out of their way to make you happy. They are so welcoming and hospitable that they would not only feed you or even offer you a bed for the night. They might also be genuinely interested in who you are and what you love about Turkey. You might end up being the guest of honor at a wedding or meet the Muhtar (head of the village) for a cup of tea or Turkish coffee. Another thing…, Turkish people love hitchhikers and even people that are not hitchhiking but seem to have a long road ahead. It is almost part of a tradition. Makes sense, if you own a car and someone doesn’t, why not stop to take them along if you are going the same way? Of even better, why not drive your temporary guests straight to their destination? After all, that’s what being hospitable is all about! Indeed, there is a huge risk in Turkey of bonding with locals and making friends for life. If you feel uncomfortable making new friends, Turkey is not for you.


Risk of too much contentment

With all the good food, the lovely friendly people, beautiful nature, beaches, and bays and an always present aroma of history and culture, you risk feeling content and happy. Not just for a split second, but the entire time. And that is where the real danger of coming to Turkey lies… You may feel so good in Turkey; you never want to leave again. And if you do manage to drag yourself back home, beware, as you may be back sooner than you think! It’s magic!

Happy beach

This post is not a sponsored post. It expresses our personal opinion after having lived in Turkey for almost 4 years.
  1. Turkey is my favourite place to travel it is beautiful friendly and cheap to shop and eat in

  2. I’m due to return to Turkey next week for the 6th Year and absolutely love it. Don’t be afraid , the people are so welcoming and the beaches are indeed beautifully. You won’t regret it 😎

  3. We could add also the tchay… the spontaneous desire to help… the way they call us “sister” or “brother”… yes definitely Turkey is like a magnet…
    I live here since 10 years …

  4. Going to alanya in a couple of weeks time cant wait .we bought our apartment in oba about 9 years ago fell in love with it .people and food are amazing and love going to the day spas getting spoilt rotten cant wait book your holiday today .x

  5. I live in Üzümlü which is a small village about 20 minutes above Fethiye. Both the villages and Fethiye itself are stunning and well worthy of being voted third trendiest place to holiday. We love being here all year round, the food, the people, the culture is amazing. The clam seas and vibes around Fethiye are beautiful for sailing or swimming, scuba diving or just laying on the beach. The scary thing is you won’t want to leave.

  6. I have had a villa here 12 years, lived here over 7 years. Absolutely LOVE this country.. Live in rural area and it’s lush green all year with awesome forests to walk our dogs.
    We have made many local friends, some of whom have become like family. All our family countdown till they can visit and enjoy..feel safe and relax. No regrets moving here.😍😍😎😎

  7. If you have a chance to visit Turkey remember the Turkish wine also. In Izmir, Aydin, Ankara, Cappadocia, in Thrace… There is a lot of wineries which are located in Anatolia and Thrace. Indigenous Turkish grape varieties also grate. Try Okuzgozu, Bogazkere, Kalecik Karası as red wine. And Narince, Emir, Misket as white. Very tasty!

  8. I visited Turkey for for a week for the frist time in februar this year. I was very skeptical because of what I had read and seen on the news.
    I fell in love the very first day. We spent easter there as well. And we bought an apartment. This summer I will bee there for 4 weeks.
    I felt safe and welcome the entire time there.
    No reason to postpone a trip to Turkey 😀😎

  9. I live in Fethiye. It is totally like heaven. Lovely weather, full of nature. I think it was the best decision of my life to move here

  10. Mother in law lives in Kalkan. She’s English going on Turkish. It’s a stunning place to visit we are going to see her in August. Can’t wait. All the locals are so friendly I have a shave from the local couffieur every time im there. Meals out most night’s. It’s amazing..

  11. Love this country and its people. I would never holiday anywhere else. I have made so many friends there

  12. Loved the country & its people so much we bought property there!! THE most wonderful place and yes, the food amazing along with all the natural beauty. THE most diverse country seen in all our travels around the planet!

  13. Turkey is a wonderful country and has been my home for the last 9 years, I live on the Mediterranean coast, but I love Istanbul and it’s diverse culture and some the wonderful historical sites elsewhere in this vast country, the food, the sunshine, the people and the relaxed lifestyle all around us.

  14. Turkey is amazing country. It has all the colours for what we prefer. I’m happy here and never think to live in other country. The people’s are friendly and love to help the weather and goods also. Stay far from political status and everything else is beautiful.

  15. I love Turkey and the delicious fresh fruit and vegetable. I’ve traveled around Turkey as a single traveler looking at the spectacular sights and blue seas. I haven’t been back for three years and no intention of in the future. Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve been to but the people are not the type I like spending time with.

    1. Slow Travel Booking

      Hi Carole, glad you liked Turkey, I guess we all have different expectations when it comes down to interacting with others while traveling.

  16. well all i can say is you dont wat your all missing ive been there for the last 4 years on holls and dont want to go any where else oh except australia lol

  17. Misleading title, NOT 😊😄❤️🇹🇷 Read and share the magic!!!!

  18. I love Turkey! You got me with the title, and I had to read this because I couldn’t believe someone was saying it wasn’t safe! I was there last year and will be going back again soon. Great article. I agree with all your points, especially the food.

    1. Slow Travel Booking

      Hi Josie, food is a big thing in Turkey! The way food plays its part in people’s lives, it makes me think of Italy sometimes. Hope you’ll enjoy your next trip just as much as the one last year.

  19. I was planning a trip to Turkey for October but due to a change of where we live, it will have to be delayed. It’s a shame cause I’ve wanted to go to turkey for awhile. Looks and sounds amazing.

  20. It is on my buckets list. It looks so beautiful.

  21. A very nice read! I’ve been to Turkey once, when I was 11 so obviously I didn’t do many interesting things. Would love to return though – it seems to be an amazing place.

  22. Sounds terrible haha 😀 I’d love to visit Turkey. So far I’ve been to Istanbul for a few days, but I’d love to see more!!

    1. Slow Travel Booking

      Hi Kathi, terrible indeed! 🙂 Come and discover it?

  23. Yet at the same time two people whom I know, who live in Istanbul, both have told me in the past 6 months that they would not recommend visiting now and would suggest to wait another year to see how it develops. I have been to Turkey 4 times and I have loved it there, and now I want to take my grandmother to see the history, culture (and spring for tulips in 2018!), but it does make me cautious…

    1. Slow Travel Booking

      Hi Alina, I can imagine a big city like Istanbul might feel different. But there is so much more to Turkey than Istanbul. It is a big country and when not in a big city, this year doesn’t feel any different than the ones before. 🙂

  24. Love this post! I didn’t realize Turkey had such beautiful turquoise waters. I appreciate your perspective from living there for an extended period of time!

    1. Slow Travel Booking

      Hi Jewels, living here allows us to experience the beauty of the country and its people on a daily basis. 🙂

  25. Turkey is Ah-mazing!!!! It’s so sad what’s happening there it’s definitely affecting the number of tourists. I loved Turkey and I want to go back especially in Cappadocia.

    1. Slow Travel Booking

      Yes, Cappadocia is quite unique. 🙂 Keep coming to Turkey, it is the best way to show others your love for the country.

  26. While terrorism is, unfortunately, a real concern around the world, fear should not keep us from traveling :-). That’s probably why the country of Turkey hold a special place in our hearts ! Turkey is such a warm and welcoming country, and incredibly rich in things to see and do, from the caves of Cappadocia to the coast’s ancient sites and, of course, Istanbul.

    1. Slow Travel Booking

      You are so right, thank you for sharing your comment!

  27. I recently went to Turkey and it was incredible! People told me a similar things before I went, I’m so glad I went anyway. Love this post because I definitely think more people need to visit this incredible country too.

    1. Slow Travel Booking

      Hi Meghan, So good to hear you loved your visit. It’s sad to see that many people stay away…

  28. Turkey is high on my list! I hope to get there soon- it looks beautiful and your reasonings all sound more enticing than discouraging in my books 😉 Food, friends, and beaches? Whats not to love!

    1. Slow Travel Booking

      Hi Hannah, absolutely! There are so many reasons to visit Turkey, it is simply enchanting.