Belgium & beer, a match made in heaven! Belgian has a long tradition of beer brewing, and no other country in the world will serve you with a wider variety of beers than Belgium. Even if you don’t particularly like beer, you are bound to find the right one for you within the over 1.600 different kinds of Belgian beer. No wonder you’ll find shops, restaurants, museums and even special touristic routes with a beer theme. Belgian beer is big, and you can’t possibly try everything, so where do you go to find that gem that will serve you a heavenly beer, homebrewed, totally off the beaten track? Join the resistance! Or rather: visit Brouwerij ‘t Verzet (Brewery the Resistance)

3 Guys and their passion

We love passionate people. Passionate people create amazing things and if you are lucky, and these people are brewers, you get to try the taste of passion. Brouwerij ‘t Verzet is all about passion. In fact, this all started out as a hobby that got out of hand. Luckily, as this gives you the opportunity to visit a small-scale brewery that serves amazing beers. In good slow travel spirit, we try and serve you with little-known gems that will drag you away from the main tourist attractions while letting you have a taste of authenticity. In this case: Belgian beers at their best! What better way to have a beer tasting than at the source. The Brewers at Brouwerij ‘t Verzet are so keen on sharing their passion for beer making that they organize guided tours on demand of their brewery. They tend to call it their jungle! 🙂

First bootleg is a fact. Brewed by monkeys. #itsastatement #ScandPuss #TVERZET

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New barrels have arrived. #Oudbruin #Bordeaux #Fillthebarrelroom #flagshipbeer

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What to expect?

Apart from a personal approach to guided tours and beer? Expect to be wowed by their beer knowledge! You will learn all about the brewing process and what it takes to create the finest beers. And since the best way to learn and remember things is by experience, you’ll also be offered 2 ‘tastings’ of your choice.

Testing real corks, this week we bottle The Oak Leaf, Cherry and Vineyard. #Oudbruin #PimpThatBottle #Realcraft

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Young, bold and passionate: beers that rock!

The Brewers are young, knowledgeable and always in for an experiment. That results in a range of beers that will blow your socks off. And let’s be honest, why drink a beer (even if it is Belgian) that is available all over the world when you can have an experience like this one, tasting a locally brewed beer at the very spot where it has been created and matured. Apart from their ‘regular’ range of 6 beers, the Brewers at Brouwerij ‘t Verzet also develop infusions and bootleg beers. And if bootleg itself doesn’t sound exciting enough for you, the names of the beers will unquestionably make you curious about what they taste like. What do you think about a beer called Kameradski Balsamico or Scandinavian Pussy?

Where is the sun? Oud Bruin Oak Leaf and Cherry are ready. #Readytosell #Oudbruin #springtime #retropress

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Are you getting thirsty? That’s the spirit! Now all you need to do is find the jungle… Like all good things, it is a little hidden, somewhere in between Ghent and Kortrijk, but at less than half an hour’s drive from Ghent, it is worth the detour. And it is the perfect way to end your foodies’ tour in Ghent!

You’ll find directions and contact details on the Brewery’s website which is only available in Dutch right now, but rest assured, the Brewers speak the universal language of beer lovers!

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