Dear slow traveler,

Although slow travelers are generally speaking keen on reading, we assume our TERMS OF SERVICE are not very high on your literature bucket list. Still, as a user of the SlowTravelBooking platform, it is important that you know the respective rights and obligations between SlowTravelBooking and its users and also between guests and hosts.
Therefore, it is imperative that – in order to fully understand your legal rights and obligations – you read our TERMS OF SERVICE.
Before listing your space, make sure that – as a host – you are complying with your local laws and regulations in terms accommodating paying guests.

1 Scope of validity, change in the conditions of use

1.1 These TERMS OF SERVICE apply to the business relationship between Turkuaz Kaktus Limited, Coliemore House, Coliemore Road, Dalkey, CO Dublin, Ireland (hereinafter referred to as “SlowTravelBooking”) and the user of the online platform SlowTravelBooking.

1.2 SlowTravelBooking does not recognize any Terms or Conditions deviating from these TERMS OF SERVICE unless their validity is explicitly agreed to in writing. These TERMS OF SERVICE remain applicable under the circumstance that SlowTravelBooking unconditionally carries out its service towards the user in the knowledge of that user’s contradictory or deviating conditions.

1.3 Special conditions will apply when SlowTravelBooking offers specific additional services to users on request. Reference is made to these within these TERMS OF SERVICE.

2 Registration, conclusion of the usage agreement, obligations with regard to the user account

2.1 In order to to lawfully register on the SlowTravelBooking online platform, users must be of full age or be represented by a person entitled to do so. Other than that, any natural person or legal entity can use The online SlowTravelBooking platform.

2.2 The user account is set up after completion of the registration process (first name, last name, e-mail address, username and password) and the consent to these TERMS OF SERVICE and our privacy policy. With this, the usage agreement of the SlowTravelBooking online platform is concluded between SlowTravelBooking and the user, unless the user refuses to accept the TERMS OF SERVICE.

2.3 Booking details and the TERMS OF SERVICE are held as a text of the contract in English language and can be accessed with proof of legitimate interest within the statutory retention periods.

2.4 The user promises to provide truthful, complete and current information when registering.

2.5 The user promises to keep all data correct and up-to-date at all times.

2.6 The user promises not to disclose the selected password.

2.7 The user promises to inform SlowTravelBooking at once if there is reason to suspect unauthorized usage of his/her user account.

2.8 The registration onto the online platform is free of charge.

3 General services of SlowTravelBooking

3.1 SlowTravelBooking is an online platform which provides registered users the possibility to offer accommodation for a fee or to search for accommodation and make a booking query through the online platform. In other words, SlowTravelBooking registered users have access to an online marketplace where accommodations can either be listed to be found or where they can be booked.

3.2 The provider/owner of an accommodation is hereinafter referred to as the host; the person searching for accommodation is referred to as the guest. The term “user” applies to both the host and the guest.

3.3 No accommodation is offered by SlowTravelBooking. SlowTravelBooking is not a contracting partner to contracts which have solely been concluded between the users and it does not submit any declarations of intent during the course of contract negotiations.

3.4 Services will be provided by SlowTravelBooking in a reliable and straightforward manner consistent with Clauses 8 and 9 of these TERMS OF SERVICE. Directly after the hosts commitment to the guest, SlowTravelBooking acquires the claim for the accommodation price and puts forward this claim towards the guest in its own name and for its own account.

3.5 Users can use the SlowTravelBooking online platform both as a host and as a guest.

3.6 Users have the technical possibility – offered to them by SlowTravelBooking – to publish content onto the website i.e. ratings and/or descriptions and images of accommodations, etc., as further described and specified in Clauses 3.12 and 4.1

3.7 The online platform is used in order for SlowTravelBooking to communicate binding booking inquiries from guests to the hosts.

3.8 The host and guest have concluded a binding contract related to the usage of the accommodation after the completion of a valid booking on SlowTravelBooking. Also, SlowTravelBooking will at that time send an email containing information provided by both related parties to both guest and host concerning type of accommodation, length of stay and price. This email will also contain further contact details which have remained undisclosed and stored on the online platform until that moment.

3.9 SlowTravelBooking works with a system of direct bookings. Therefore these bookings are legally binding at the time of reception of the valid booking confirmation by SlowTravelBooking.

3.10 In order for users to be able the use the SlowTravelBooking platform, it is only necessary to visualize a username publicly. Further personal data will only be exchanged after a valid booking has been made between both host and guest on SlowTravelBooking.

3.11 SlowTravelBooking provides its users with an online messaging system within the platform in order for them to be able to communicate without the necessity of exchanging contact details. Pre-booking questions can easily be managed this way.

3.12 Listings on SlowTravelBooking can be rated through the rating system on the online platform. The terms of use related to the rating system are outlined under Clauses 11 and 12.

3.13 The usage of SlowTravelBooking by users is subject to particular conditions. SlowTravelBooking will do everything within its power to ensure that its services are available at all times. Due to maintenance work, disruptions or further development, usage or its options may be restricted at times. If and when possible, users will be informed by SlowTravelBooking in good time of any disruptions as mentioned above.

4 Special services provided to the host by SlowTravelBooking

4.1 Hosts have the opportunity to list an accommodation on the SlowTravelBooking online platform using a description, availability calendar, photo’s and price(s).

4.2 The SlowTravelBooking platform allows hosts to enter different prices for an accommodation per period. Also, additional charges can be introduced such as cleaning charges, use of utilities, etc.

4.3 The host can set cancellation policies for guests on the SlowTravelBooking platform. An overview of these cancellation policies can be found on this page. Any cancellation policy selected by the host will become a valid part of the agreement between guest and host. The agreement can only be cancelled without further consequences if host and guest both agree in writing to the cancellation of the agreement.

4.4 Listing an accommodation gives guests the possibility to make a legally valid booking. A contract has been concluded and a booking is binding after a valid booking has been made through the platform.

SlowTravelBooking forwards confirmation-emails of all bookings to the host and the guest.

5 SlowTravelBooking services provided to guests

5.1 Guests are offered an online platform by SlowTravelBooking to allow them to search for accommodations.

5.2 Using the SlowTravelBooking platform, guests can place parallel pre-booking inquiries for a specific period with different hosts for different accommodations. Only after a direct booking has been made using the platform, a guest has concluded a binding contract with the host.

5.3 In case of a problem with the host and/or an accommodation, guests can contact SlowTravelBooking at the latest 24h after check-in by e-mail explaining in detail the reason for the complaint. SlowTravelBooking will then try to reach an amicable solution. This amicable solution has been reached after both parties concerned i.e. the host and guest have agreed to the proposed solution by e-mail. Details of this procedure as well as further actions are described in Clause 9.2.

6 Services and other obligations of the host

6.1 The host promises to handle the payment as described in Clauses 8 and 9.

6.2 The host promises to deliver correct and truthful statements regarding contact details, including the data for payment handling.

6.3 The host promises to correctly and completely describe the offering of the respective accommodation in word and in photos to provide the guests with a genuine image of the accommodation, allowing the guest to correctly evaluate the offer; including all amenities and features as well as defects or disadvantages that may be of importance and influence the decision of the guest.

6.4 The host promises to mention the full price of the respective offering including any VAT incurred as well as other price components and charges (such as e.g. cleaning fees) on the accommodation profile. Yet, the host promises to indicate those other price components and charges separately.

6.5 One of the cancelations policies must be accepted by the host and offered to the guest. An overview of these cancellation policies can be found on this page. This cancellation policy becomes part of the contract which is concluded between the host and guest.

6.6 If items in the accommodation and/or rooms of the accommodation are not included, these must be mentioned in the accommodation profile by the host together with any specific rules of conduct related to the use of the accommodation.

6.7 The host promises to acknowledge the immediate binding nature of a direct booking. Direct bookings lead to the immediate conclusion of a binding contract.

6.8 No other fees, commissions or other payments beyond total price indicated on the accommodation profile may be charged by the host.

6.9 An orderly invoice must be provided by the host to the guest.

6.10 SlowTravelBooking can not exclude incorrect data being provided by users at the time of their registration or during the booking process. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the host to check the identity of the guests as far as he (or the regulations applicable) claims this to be necessary.

7 Services and other obligations of the guest

7.1 The guest promises to handle the payment as described in Clauses 8 and 9.

7.2 The guest promises to deliver correct and truthful statements regarding contact details, including the data for payment handling.

7.3 The guest undertakes to recognize the cancellation conditions offered by the host as part of the agreement between the host and guest. Other than that, the agreement reached between guest and host can only be rescinded if both parties agree to this rescission and the consent is declared at least in text form by corresponding e-mails.

7.4 As part of the contractual conditions between the host and guest, the guest undertakes to recognize the “house rules” pursuant to Clause 6.6

7.5 As far as this is necessary,the guest promises to satisfy themselves of the identity of the contracting partner . As the identification of persons via the internet is somewhat restricted, SlowTravelBooking can only carry out a very limited check on the data provided at the time of registration. Therefore, it is impossible to exclude that false data have been provided for a user account despite all efforts.

8 Payments

8.1 In the event of a direct booking with the receipt of the booking by the host, an valid contract is concluded between the host and guest regarding the host’s obligation to make an accommodation available for the guest’s use for a certain period of time and the guest’s obligation to pay a certain fee to the host for this. The payable amount results from the price agreed between the host and guest for the usage of the accommodation (accommodation price), and any other remuneration agreed such as cleaning fees or fees for utilities, that are indicated at the time of the booking. The Service Fee added at the time of the booking is payable directly to SlowTravelBooking and cannot – under any circumstance – be claimed by the host.

8.2 With the conclusion of the binding contract, the host is entitled to claim the accommodation price from the guest (receivable); the receivable becomes due immediately.

8.3 Host and SlowTravelBooking agree that the host in pursuant to 8.1 and 8.2 sells the created receivable following its conclusion to SlowTravelBooking and by means of assignment transfers it to the latter.

8.3.1 SlowTravelBooking promises to pay to the host the amount of the accommodation price + occurring extra charges such as cleaning or utility charges. The host is not paying any commission for the services provided by SlowTravelBooking.

8.3.2 Parties agree that the receivable will not become due until 24 hours after the guest has checked into the accommodation.

8.4 The guest undertakes to immediately settle the due receivable with SlowTravelBooking at the time of the booking.

8.5 The receivable shall be collected by SlowTravelBooking in its own name and for its own account.

8.6 SlowTravelBooking shall bear the risk of the collectibility of the receivable from the guest. In case of doubt, SlowTravelBooking must commence legal proceedings to enforce the claim against the guest.

8.7 If, however, it is recognized in the court proceedings between SlowTravelBooking and the guest that the assigned receivable (accommodation price) did not exist with regard to its merits or amount, SlowTravelBooking can also claim the difference between the original amount of the receivable and the amount of the receivable recognized in court from the host as damages, as well as the court and lawyer costs necessary to gain the right in this case. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the host to ensure that the assigned receivable exists in the scope envisaged pursuant to the original contract for the purchase of receivables pursuant to Clause 8.3.

8.8 The host promises to provide SlowTravelBooking truthfully and completely with all required information necessary to start legal proceedings in order to make a claim against the guest. Within the scope of possibilities offered by the Code of Civil Procedure,SlowTravelBooking reserves the right to involve the host in the legal proceedings.

8.9 At the request of SlowTravelBooking and in the event of a non-redemption or objection of a direct debit, the user (guest or host) irrevocably gives permission to the bank to release their full name and address .

8.9.1 In case of a failed credit card booking due to a lack of sufficient funds, the costs for the charge back in form of the actually calculated fees of the respective financial institute will be burdened upon the guest by SlowTravelBooking. it is up to the guest to prove that SlowTravelBooking has suffered no or a much smaller damage. In case of an incomplete payment, SlowTravelBooking will cancel the booking immediately at the expense of the guest, respecting the cancellation policies applicable to that specific accommodation and booking.

8.10 SlowTravelBooking may charge extra administrative costs which might occur if the guest chooses one of the following payment options: credit card, debit card or PayPal. In that case, these costs will be displayed in detail before conclusion of the booking.

8.11 By default, € is used as a currency on SlowTravelBooking. We have provided a currency converter widget in order to allow you to view the cost of a specific booking in your own currency. When paying for a booking, you will be paying in your own currency, based upon the selected payment method. SlowTravelBooking will at that time apply an exchange rate based upon the basic exchange rate + a 3% conversion cost. This cost is NOT taken into account when using the currency converter widget, which is for information purposes only.

8.12 Optionally, owners can ask SlowTravelBooking to add a safety deposit of 300 € to each booking. Owners will be charged 10 € per booking for this service. If this is the case, the amount will be added automatically to the cart at payment. All safety deposits will be refunded within a week after checkout to the guests, unless SlowTravelBooking receives a claim from the owner. In such a case, SlowTravelBooking will contact the guest before a safety deposit can be returned and will mediate in order to reach an acceptable solution for all parties concerned.

9 Payments in the event of a complaint or a cancellation

9.1 The guest and host have revoked the agreement regarding the accommodation in case of a cancellation. The payment of the accommodation price to the host may have lapsed partly or completely according to the cancellation policy indicated by the host.

9.1.1 As a consequence, SlowTravelBooking will reimburse the guest the respective cancellation amount based upon the mentioned cancellation conditions, minus a processing fee of 7%.

9.1.2 The host will receive the remaining of the booking sum, if any, minus service fee, according to the indicated cancellation policy.

9.1.3 Pursuant to the cancellation conditions for every type of cancellation made by a guest a processing fee amounting to 15% of the originally agreed accommodation price has to be paid by them.

9.1.4 In case of a cancellation by the host SlowTravelBooking will – under almost any circumstance – arrange a full refund for the guest. The service costs owned by the host will remain valid. Slow Travel Booking is taking into consideration extenuating circumstances, of which written proof shall be delivered. Those circumstances are: severe material damage to the property, a natural disaster in the area or political instability. In this case the contract will become void.

9.2 In case of a written complaint by a guest to SlowTravelBooking within 24 hours after check-in, pursuant to Clause 5.3 concerning defects in the accommodation, SlowTravelBooking will check those remarks after which SlowTravelBooking will try to reach an amicable solution.

9.2.1 Both host and guest agree that an amicable solution may consist in a reduction of the price of the accommodation pursuant to Clause 5.4.

9.2.2 Following Clause 9.2.1 the initial amount of the receivable will be modified accordingly.

9.2.3 The guest will receive from SlowTravelBooking the difference between the original accommodation price and the newly agreed price according to the amicable solution.

9.2.4 As compensation to SlowTravelBooking, the host will pay the part of the claim that has expired as a result of the amicable solution (difference amount pursuant to Clause 9.2.3).

9.2.5 SlowTravelBooking may start legal proceedings in order to claim the full amount within two weeks after the guest has checked out if no amicable solution has been found. The host’s obligation to co-operate pursuant to Clause 8.8 applies accordingly.

9.3 SlowTravelBooking will take a decision based on the information available if an amicable solution has not been found within 14 days. SlowTravelBooking undertakes to equally consider the interests of both host and guest. All parties promise to accept this decision.

10 Cases of suspected fraud

10.1 SlowTravelBooking reserves the right to evaluate exchanged messages between the guest and host to the effect whether the host and guest are collusively cooperating to the detriment of SlowTravelBooking by jointly concluding contracts for the use of accommodation without actually having any intention to use the accommodation but more to fraudulently act against SlowTravelBooking or to possibly commit a criminal offence in accordance with the criminal code. Should this suspicion be substantiated through the evaluation then the entire communication of the concerned guest or host will be analysed. In this respect the guest and host consent to the use of the personal data for the stated purposes. In both cases the evaluations are only used to prevent fraud as well as if necessary for criminal prosecution and with the ending of the purpose immediately deleted. Furthermore all parties of this contract agree that the sold receivable does not exist until then and the agreed purchase price (accommodation price on conclusion of the booking minus commission) subsequently not paid to the host until the guest and/or host has been exonerated in respect to the suspicion of fraud.

10.2 In cases of substantiated suspicion, SlowTravelBooking reserves the right to report the suspected persons to the police or the state prosecutor.

10.3 SlowTravelBooking reserves the right to repay amounts already paid by the guest, minus a fee for the processing of the fraud attempt.

11 Rating system

11.1 SlowTravelBooking enables guests to review and rate accommodations after their stay.

11.2 Guests promise to make truthful and objective statements in their reviews and to comply with the statutory provisions. Abusive criticism is not allowed.

11.3 SlowTravelBooking does not verify the ratings.

11.4 It is not permitted to use the review system in a way that would be contrary to its purpose. Reviews can only be made by actual guests and must be informational and truthful.

11.5 SlowTravelBooking reserves the right to completely or partly delete reviews in case they include improper content or of which it is proven that they are not genuine or true.

12 Content: rights, granting of rights, forbidden content, indemnity

12.1 Description of accommodation, reviews, profile images

12.1.1 The rights of third parties in respect to copyrights, trademarks and personal rights may not be infringed by the users of Slow Travel Booking when describing the accommodation or writing a review, using texts or photographs or even graphics.

12.1.2 The users assure that they have the necessary rights to the texts and photographs mentioned under Clause 12.1.1 and, if applicable, graphics or videos or other works protected by law and/or trademarks and/or consents with regard to personal rights.

12.1.3 By making an accommodation description or a publicly accessible review on the SlowTravelBooking online platform (entry, upload and release of texts, photographs, graphics, etc.) the user grants SlowTravelBooking the free, non-exclusive right to use for an indefinite time and area this work (in its entirety or in part) worldwide for the provision of the services offered by SlowTravelBooking or to advertise this service on the Internet or a mobile application), and to use this work worldwide for the provision of the services offered by SlowTravelBooking or to advertise this service on posters, in print media of any kind, television and radio advertising (right of copying, dissemination, broadcasting, public rendition) and the right to process or redesign the works and the right to transfer these rights to third parties if this is necessary to meet the required purpose (provision of the service offered by SlowTravelBooking or to advertise the service).

12.1.4 With the making public of a profile picture on the online platform of SlowTravelBooking (upload and release of pictures, publication of texts, etc.), the user grants SlowTravelBooking the free, non-exclusive right for an unlimited time and area to use this work (in its entirety or part) worldwide to provide the services offered by SlowTravelBooking on the Internet or mobile applications (right to make publicly accessible). Pursuant to Clause 12.1.3, the profile picture of the user may not be used for advertising, unless the user has explicitly agreed to this at least in text form.

12.1.5 Uploads made by the users are not checked by SlowTravelBooking with regard to the legality of the content.

12.1.6 SlowTravelBooking reserves the right when it becomes aware of copyright violations and/or illegal content (information from third parties) to completely or partly delete this content if it is unlawful or is to be seen as forbidden content or forbidden activity pursuant to 12.2.

12.2 Other forbidden content and activities

12.2.1 Users are responsible to ensure that their conduct on the online platform complies with the valid laws and these Terms of Service.

The following content and activities outlined below are those that breach applicable law, which pursuant to Clause 12.1 are not allowed to be published or used on the online platform of SlowTravelBooking or otherwise:

false accusations, insults, abusive criticism, other defamatory statements,
statements and images relevant under criminal law (such as National Socialist comments or images, glorifying violence or war, racial abuse, children or violent pornography or calls to commit criminal offenses),
sexual content and depictions or any content that is a danger to children and young people;
copying and making works protected by copyright publicly accessible without having the corresponding usage rights or permissions,
publication of images on which persons who have not given their consent to publication can be recognized,
re-identification of other users
using the platform for commercial purposes that go outside the actual purposes of the platform unless SlowTravelBooking has agreed to such a commercial usage in writing,
publication of personal data of third parties,
usage of the platform for political or religious activity,
sending of junk mails, chain letters or unrequested mass mails, instant messages, spimming or spamming,
disruption, interruption or excessive use of the services of SlowTravelBooking,
the use of the account, user name or password of another member, use of mechanisms, software or other scripts in conjunction with the online platform that could impair the faultless and orderly function of the platform and the respective website,
overwriting, blocking or modifying content generated by SlowTravelBooking,
using the services of SlowTravelBooking in a way that breaches the valid laws and regulations in another way.

12.2.2 These included examples are not exhaustive. The consequences of breaches of statutory regulations, the rights of third parties or these Terms of Service is regulated in the Clauses 12.3 (compensation), 13 (Deletion of content, blocking of accounts) and 14 (Liability of the user).

12.3 Compensation

12.3.1 The user shall compensate SlowTravelBooking for all claims at the first request that other users or third parties file against SlowTravelBooking due to the breach of their rights by the offers and content entered by the user or due to other usage of the website, including reviews submitted by the user.

12.3.2 The user also assumes the necessary cost of legal counsel (attorney and court costs) of SlowTravelBooking.

12.3.3 In addition, in the event of a claim being filed by third parties, the user promises to provide SlowTravelBooking with all information in a truthful and complete way that is necessary to verify the claim and mount an appropriate defense.

13 Deletion of content, restriction and blocking of accounts

13.1 In case of a user breaching statutory regulations, rights of third parties or the Terms of Service, SlowTravelBooking reserves the right, subject to termination without notice, to
warn the user,
delete listings or other content of this user,
restrict the use of the platform for the user,
temporarily or permanently exclude the use of the platform (blocking),
initiate other legal steps (such as filing criminal charges)

13.2 These measures are, as far as they are required by law, at the discretion of SlowTravelBooking. However, SlowTravelBooking will take into account the legitimate interests of the user as well as all circumstances relating to the breach, particularly the degree of culpability.

13.3 Blocked users are not permitted to register with another user account or use the services via another user account.

13.4 Already concluded agreements between users generally remain unaffected from this restriction or blocking of the user.

14 User liability

14.1 In general, users are liable for all activities made through their user account, in case of  misuse of their user account for which the user is not responsible, the liability does not apply.

15 Liability restrictions and warranty of SlowTravelBooking

15.1 SlowTravelBooking is fully liable for damage caused in a willful or grossly negligent manner by SlowTravelBooking, its employees and vicarious agents and in the malicious concealment of deficits, with the explicit assumption of warranty and for damage arising from injury to life, body and health.

15.2 SlowTravelBooking is only liable for other damage if an obligation is breached whose fulfillment makes the orderly implementation of the contract possible in the first place and whose compliance the contracting partner may regularly trust in (cardinal obligation). The compensation obligation is restricted to damage that can be seen as typical of the contract and foreseeable. Any liability pursuant to the product liability law remains unaffected. A liability of SlowTravelBooking that goes beyond the aforementioned is excluded.

15.3 As SlowTravelBooking is not involved in the contractual relationship between the guest and host, SlowTravelBooking cannot assume any warranty and/or liability for services from the agreement regarding the accommodation. However, SlowTravelBooking must allow objections that the guest files with justification against the host to be made against itself with regard to the claim (cf. Clause 8, 9).

16 Duration, termination

16.1 The usage agreement runs for an indefinite period of time from the time of registration pursuant to Clause 2.

16.2 Users may terminate their account at any time.

16.3 SlowTravelBooking can terminate accounts at any time with a period of notice of 14 days to the end of the month.

16.4 In cases of doubt the contractual relationship is not ended until the last necessary payment processing pursuant to Clauses 8 and 9 has been concluded.

16.5 The right to block and to terminate the user account is not affected by this.

17 Modifications of the conditions of use

17.1 SlowTravelBooking reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service with effect for the future in particular in the following cases:

17.1.1 If and to the extent that the market situation has changed in the opinion of SlowTravelBooking to a considerable extent from a calculative or technical perspective after the conclusion of the contract, SlowTravelBooking reserves the right to amend the Terms of Service with regard to the amount of service fee in a reasonable manner for the users; this consequently incorporates in particular possible, moderate price increases.

17.1.2 SlowTravelBooking reserves the right to change the Terms of Service if it would like to improve, extend or change for the benefit of the partners the offering and the services.

17.1.3 If legislation or case law necessitate a change in the Terms of Service, SlowTravelBooking reserves the right to make this change.

17.2 The amendments to the Terms of Service will be changed with a period of notice of four weeks in advance and the users will be informed about the change by e-mail.

17.3 When the user next logs in to his or her user account, he or she will be reminded of the change in the General Terms and Conditions of Business and asked to agree to the changes by opt-in.

17.4 SlowTravelBooking decides whether the contract is continued under the original terms or is terminated, should the user not have provided a consent within a period of four weeks in respect to the changes made.

18 Final provisions

18.1 The law of the Republic of Ireland applies, with the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

18.2 If the user is a merchant, legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law, the sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this agreement is Dublin. The same applies if the user does not have any general place of jurisdiction or place of residence in Ireland or the usual domicile is not known at the time the legal action is filed. The text of all provisions is subject to Irish law and should be interpreted in accordance with Irish understanding of law. In case a version is provided in other languages than English, it serves the purpose of information and is not part of the legal transaction. Therefore in case of discrepancies between the English and the foreign language version only the English version is applicable.

18.3 If individual provisions of the agreement with the user, including this provision, should be or become invalid in their entirety or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The same applies in the event of a lacuna.

Data protection provisions of SlowTravelBooking

Dear SlowTravelBooking.com user,
Data protection conditions are not very exciting to read. Still, in your own interest, please read the provisions below carefully. After all, it is about what we are allowed to do with your data.

The protection of your data is important to us, it allows you to enjoy using SlowTravelBooking (Turkuaz Kaktus Limited, Coliemore House, Coliemore Road, Dalkey, CO Dublin, Ireland). Therefore, we want to inform you below about how we collect data and handle them. When you register with SlowTravelBooking, you declare by opt-in your consent to these data protection provisions, when accepting our TERMS OF SERVICE – if not, we are unable to offer you the full usage of our platform.

1 Subject of the data protection

The subject of data protection is personal data. Pursuant to Section 3 Par. 1 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), personal data are individual information about the personal or material circumstances of a defined or definable private individual. These include e.g. information such as name, postal address, e-mail address or telephone number, and if applicable also usage data such as your IP address.

2 Scope of the data collection and storage

As a fundamental principle, it is not necessary for you to enter personal details to use our online platform SlowTravelBooking.com.
If you want to use our service, you have to register with us and at least provide the following personal details:
your first and last name,
your e-mail address,
your address,
your phone number
If you register with the Facebook sign-up, read our further information under Clause 6.

If you actively use our platform by listing or booking accommodation on it, we require the following additional data from you to handle the transaction:
your PayPal account details or your bank details (account holder, account no. and sort code),
your complete billing address including any VAT ID no., if applicable.
This information is not made public on the platform. The contact details (e-mail address and if applicable telephone number) of you as a guest and/or host are not exchanged between guest and host until after conclusion of a binding booking or if the guest and host have networked with each other via the SlowTravelBooking Private Message function.

SlowTravelBooking reserves the right to randomly evaluate exchanged messages between the guest and host to the effect whether the host and guest are collusively cooperating to the detriment of SlowTravelBooking by jointly concluding contracts for the use of accommodation without actually having any intention to use the accommodation but more to fraudulently act against SlowTravelBooking or to possibly commit a criminal offense in accordance with the criminal code. Should this suspicion be substantiated through the random evaluation then the entire communication of the concerned guest or host will be analyzed. In this respect the guest and host consent to the use of the personal data for the stated purposes. In both cases the evaluations are only used to prevent fraud as well as if necessary for criminal prosecution and with the ending of the purpose immediately deleted.

No bank, creditcard or PayPal data are forwarded to other users.

You can also login using the Facebook sign-up and/or log-in pursuant to Clause 6.2. We will however not publish Facebook links or your other publicly accessible data.

3 Appropriated data use

We adhere to the principle of the appropriate use of data and we only ascertain, process and store your personal data for purposes for which you have provided them for, as stated under 2.or stated possible hereafter. You have the option of subscribing/unsubscribing to our newsletter. In addition to this we use your provided e-mail during registration for sending you own product information. At any time you are able to object to the mailing of such emails by clicking on the unsubscribe button within the email or via the settings in your member account. Your personal data is not passed on to third parties without express consent as far as it is not necessary in order to render services or perform contractual obligations. Furthermore, the transmission to authorized state institutions only is done within the scope of statutory duty of disclosure or if a judgment obliges a disclosure.

4 Cookies, usage profiles

In addition, we also use cookies. Cookies are small text files that can store a website such as ours on the computer of a website visitor, i.e. locally. With the help of this text file, the web server can save, for instance, preferences and settings on the user’s computer which are then automatically restored on the next visit. Or to put it another way, the cookies are used, among other things, to make the use of the site more user-friendly so that, for instance, you do not have to complete the full log-in mask when you visit again.

We use both persistent cookies and session cookies. Whereas persistent cookies remain on your computer for a longer period of time, session cookies are automatically deleted when the browser window is closed.
Using cookies, data are also collected and saved on this website from which pseudonymized usage profiles are created. The data is data such as the IP address, the browser type, the software used, that website previously called up by you (referrer URL), time and duration of the visit to a website. Incidentally, the IP address is immediately made unrecognizable by us; we can then still compare whether different users have the same IP address (we need this information to be able to prevent any misuse and fraud) but can no longer discern the origins of the address.

Usage profiles are used to analyze visitor behavior and to design and improve the offering in line with requirements. The pseudonymized usage profiles are not merged with the personal data via the carrier of the pseudonym without the express consent of the person affected which must be given separately.

You can prevent the installation of the cookies by preventing the installation of the cookies with a corresponding setting in your browser software (“private mode” – can be found under Settings with most browsers); however, it should be pointed out that in this case you may not be able to use all functions of this website.

In addition, you can delete cookies that have already been set (also to be found under “Settings” in the browser).

5 Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. (in future: Google) on this website. Google Analytics is a web analysis tool with the help of which we analyze the interaction of the visitors with our website and thus are able to improve our website for you further. Google Analytics also uses cookies, as they were in principle described in more detail under Clause 4. The information generated by the cookie regarding your use of this website are usually transferred to a server belonging to Google in the US and stored there. The information saved by the cookies includes, for instance, the time of the website visit, the frequency with which the visitor has called up the website, and from where the visitor has accessed the website. To determine the latter value, Google initially records the IP address of the user. However, we have activated the IP anonymization on our website. Based on this, your IP address within Member States of the European Union or in other signatory states of the Treaty on the European Economic Area is shortened by Google before transmission to the US. Only in exceptional cases is the full IP address transferred to a server belonging to Google in the US and shortened there. On behalf of SlowTravelBooking, Google will use the aforementioned information to analyze your usage of the website, to compile reports on the website activities and to provide further services associated with the usage of the website and the Internet towards the website operator. The IP address communicated under Google Analytics by your browser is not merged with other data of Google.
You can prevent the saving of the cookies by Google Analytics by a corresponding setting in your browser software; however, reference should again be made to the fact that in this case you may not be able to use all functions of this website.

In addition, you can prevent the recording of the data generated by the cookie and relating to your usage of the website (incl. your IP address) to Google and the processing of these data by Google, by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available under the following link: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=de

Further information on data protection with regard to Google Analytics can be found directly here at Google.

6 Facebook

Our website uses the sign-up and log-in function and social plug-ins of the social network facebook.com, which is operated by Face Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. If you have your normal place of residence in the European Union, the Facebook services are offered to you by Facebook Ireland Limited, Hanover Reach, 5-7 Hanover Quay, Dublin 2 Ireland. The social plug-ins are discernible by the Facebook logos (white “f” on blue background or the characteristic Facebook thumb) or marked by the addition “Facebook Social Plug-In”; all Facebook plug-ins can be viewed here. The sign-up and/or log-in of Facebook is also easy to recognize by the characteristic white script on a blue background.

6.1 Social Plug-ins
When you call up a website on which a social plug-in (like button) is implemented, your browser will then establish a direct link to Facebook and will then transmit the following data to Facebook directly:
date and time of your visit,
the Internet address/URL of the site that you are currently visiting,
your IP address,
your browser,
your operating system,
your user code if you are a registered user of Facebook and if applicable your surname and first name and
if you click on the plug-in, of course the information that you have used this specific plug-in.
the data can only be transmitted to the Facebook profile when the user is logged in to Facebook
logging out of Facebook prevents the transmission of these data to the Facebook profile
Facebook saves these data for a period of 90 days. Facebook then removes the name and all other personal information from the data; a ‘pseudonymized’ usage profile remains.

We explicitly make reference to the fact that we ourselves do not have any influence on the scope of the data which Facebook collects with the help of the plug-in and that with regard to data protection we have to rely on the data usage guideline of Facebook, on which our aforementioned information is based. Please inform yourself further on Facebook specifically about the purpose and scope of the data collection and your rights in this regard and the setting options to protect your privacy using the data usage guidelines.

However, it is of course possible to prevent the placing of cookies by settings in your browser. In addition, it is also possible to block the social plug-ins of Facebook with add-ons for your browser. For instance with the “Facebook Blocker”

6.2 Sign up, Log in
We also offer you the option of registering with us using the Facebook sign-up or registering via the log-in. If you would like to register or log in with us using the Facebook sign-up and/or log-in, you then permit us to:
Access your general details such as your name, profile image, gender, the user ID, your friend lists and all other data that you have made public in your profile.
Send you emails.
Post status reports on your behalf.
Also to access your data when you are not currently using the application.
Access your other profile information such as “About me”, your date of birth, your home town and your current place of residence.

7 Rights of information, revocation and deletion

You may obtain information about the data stored with us free of charge, without indicating any reasons. You can object to the use of your data at any time and revoke the consent to use your data that you gave when you registered. In addition, you can correct, block or have deleted at any time the data that we have collected and stored. We make explicit reference to the fact that we are obligated by law to continue to save the data; in this case, the data can only be blocked.
To exercise the aforementioned rights, please contact us at the following address: bookings@slowtravelbooking.com.
If you have any further questions on data protection or on these data protection provisions, please feel free to contact us at any time!