1. Join the Community


Joining the Slow Travel Booking Community is easy, In just a few clicks you will have created your account; after which you will be able to list your accommodation for free and/or you will easily find and book slow travel accommodations online. You’ll be creating, favoriting and booking listings in no time!

Want a sneak preview of what you can expect? Go ahead and discover the world through the Slow Travel Booking platform. It’s a beautiful place to visit!

Enter a World of Beauty

2. Submit Your Listing


Listing your space on Slow Travel Booking is very easy and will only take a few minutes. After that, your listing will be online and active within 24h.

You may have listed your space on other platforms already, but none are as selective as Slow Travel Booking. On the Slow Travel Booking platform, your property will be where it belongs, reaching the people that will genuinely appreciate it.
And the good news is: Slow Travel Booking works on a ‘no cure no pay’ base. Meaning there is no risk involved. Listing your property is totally free and will remain free.

So, why not try it straight away and you can start targeting likeminded travelers tomorrow.

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3. Book a Unique Slow Travel Accommodation

By joining the community, you are also able to book unique accommodations that carry the essence of their culture or destination directly online. All spaces listed on Slow Travel Booking are reflections of the Slow Travel Spirit. They are all guaranteed to enhance and intensify your traveling experience. If not already, you will want you to go out and explore the world even more.