Slow Travel is about ‘living’ in a country instead of just ‘staying’ in it. It is a state of mind that allows you to appreciate the journey and truly experience your destination and local people.

It is what you could call quality traveling. It is not about the quantity of attractions that have been visited or the number of things you have done.

Slow traveling is creating a feeling of belonging to a community. Get connected and explore a country, immerse yourself and get involved. Intensify your travels and build everlasting memories and friendships for life.

Booking an accommodation that reflects this spirit is essential for your slow travel experience. That is what Slow Travel Booking is all about. It is about connecting people and their homes, providing a true Slow Travel experience to their traveling guests. All places to stay, comply with the Slow Travel spirit. All are a unique reflection of their owners and their surroundings. All are part of the community they were built in. All carry the essence of their culture or destination.

That is why we built Slow Travel Booking, to create a unique platform that connects homeowners and slow travelers with a dedicated and beautifully designed virtual catalog.